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Thursday, February 11, 2010

How much does surgery cost?

Of course costs will vary from child to child, but here are the break-downs from a couple of parents:

Hi! I know that costs vary wildly across the country and with length of hospital stay and severity of surgery, but here's a basic breakdown of our cost. [Our child] had a wide cleft that was repaired at 25 months (she was adopted at 23 months, that's why the surgery was later than "normal". It was her first and only repair and she had never had a prosthesis or any pre-work done. She was in the hospital for almost exactly 24 hours door-to-door.

Here are the pre-insurance costs at Utah's Primary Children's Medical Center:
Anesthesia - $1200
Plastic Surgeon - $2900
Hospital for 24 hours (OR, room, nurses, meds, oxygen, etc) - $6300
ENT (ear tubes, both sides) - $950

We had surgery on my boy's soft palate in December and are finally starting to get the billing information now. Ours was a little more money because he had ear tubes put in, a tiny lip revision and an additional day in the hospital because he refused to eat, but our total was $8127.94...

The room and board for 2 days was $4332.36
Pharmacy was $484.66
IV Therapy (for longer than normal) $97.05
Supplies, etc... 183.73
Operating Room Procedures were $2157.87
Anesthesia was $282.32
and Recovery Room $589.95 (he had to stay there awhile because they couldn't get his pain under control).

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