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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Is it normal for my baby to burp SO much?

Here are some answers from the group:

"We had to spend SO much time burping our boys.  I literally became a master burper.  After so many hours, I gained a sixth sense now of sensing when my child has a burp Haha!  Even to this day, I can sense when my baby daughter (who doesn't have a cleft) has a burp in her.

"Hang in there.  They are so much happier when you get that burp out (and way less spit up!).  Just know I've been there, and it's normal."

"[Your baby] could have reflux, which is common in babies with clefts... I don't think his burping problem hours after he eats is related to his cleft and I would look into acid reflux which can be treated with medication. Babies typically out grow it but until they do it is miserable for them."

"I am a big fan of the pigen nipple with the playtex vent-air bottles (just make sure you don't get the wide nipple ones!). They have worked great for my son. He still only takes 6 oz bottles most of the time, any more than that and he gets too full and just spits up. Anyway, the playtex bottles really seemed to help with the gas.

"Another suggestion, if you are using formula, stir your bottles, don't shake them to mix. They get a lot less air in that way!"

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