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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Surgeon Profiles: Dr. Schmelzer

Contact Information:
877-282-FACE (3223)
Fax 801-743-0701


Dr. Schmelzer practiced at PCMC several years ago, then left to practice in Arizona for a time. Now he has returned as a partner at Plastic Surgery Associates with Dr. Morales, and seems to be taking most of the new cleft lip and palate cases.

Parent Comments:

"Dr. Schmelzer is [our son]'s surgeon. We decided to continue with him after meeting Dr. Morales at a clinic in April. The entire family was not pleased with him as a surgeon as well as he scared the crap out of [our son]. We will either be seeing Dr. Schmelzer in Az or when he comes to St. George to see patients. . . . AWESOME bedside manner, great with kids, fantastic work and you know what to expect from surgery. Best in the West!"

"We have seen morales since our Adam was born in January 2009, and just this June Schmelzer performed Adam's hard palate repair because we now live in Arizona and had a very small window of vacation and morales was already booked into December. I too was skeptical because I had not even met Schmelzer prior to the day of surgery, but after the surgery was done I was VERY impressed. He is very capable and I will continue to see him. He does things differently than morales, I am glad we had morales up to this point for the prosthesis, but I really did like Schmelzer."

"My daughter has Dr Schmelzer. He is the type of dr that goes in to get the job done. I like him as a dr but if you are looking so someone that takes the time to get to know you than he is not the one to use. He has done 2 out of 3 surgeries for my daughter and I am pleased with his work she looks great. So it really depends how social you want to be with your dr."

"We scheduled a consultation with Dr. Morales for our son, because he came highly recommended. When we got to the appointment we met with Dr. Schmelzer. I really felt like the entire office was trying to pull a fast one on us. Almost trying to convince us that Schmelzer was in fact Morales. I have no idea if Schmelzer is a capable surgeon. I wasn't about to trust him with the most important thing in the world to me (my son!) when I felt deceived by him right out of the gate."

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