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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Surgeon Profile: Dr. Kjar

Contact Information:

Premier Plastic Surgery of Utah
1551 Renaissance Towne Dr #360
Bountiful, UT 84010

(801) 295-9105

Parent Comments:

"Doctor Kjar does things differently that anyone in the state but does it the same as everyone in the country. This is our treatment plan:

"He had his lip repair on October 12th. It was a great success and he looks great! I saw someone in Walmart today that I haven't seen in years and when I told he had just had his lip repair surgery she told me she would have never guessed anything had even been wrong.

"He will have his palate repair three to six months from now. Dr. Kjar likes to repair earlier for a few reasons. The main being the palate muscles are repaired correctly if the whole palate is repaired in one surgery instead of two. This helps with speech among many other things. He will have to have a NAM (retainer from Dr. Yamashiro) until that point. But we are confident with his plan.

"Then follow basically the same timeline as everyone else. Bone graft around 7 years old, possbile mid-face surgery, etc. The mid-face surgery can be necessary no matter when the palate is repaired according to the research I have done. By mid-face I mean, the upper jaw doesn't grow forward like it should and has to be repaired.

"On top of the treatment plan working for our needs, our doctor is wonderful. We never have a problem getting in to see him, he is completely available any time of the day. He have his office number, cell number, and pager number. His staff is knowledgeable and very helpful."

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