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Friday, October 30, 2009

Surgeon Profile: Dr. Muntz

Contact Information:
Harlan R. Muntz, M.D.

Otolaryngology - ENT
Head & Neck Surgery
50 North Medical Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84132


U of U Profile

Parent Comments:
"We really like Dr. Muntz. I know he has done several ... [mandibular] distractions for people who are part of this group. He is an ENT doctor. He also specializes in repairing cleft palates if that is a concern for your child. I like being able to have one doctor be able to take care of all of our daughter's needs. If your [child] has a cleft lip or something external, you will most likely need a plastic surgeon." 

"Dr. Muntz is a GREAT ENT. He's been my son's 4th ENT and we LOVE him. He's put in tubes, removed his tonsils/adenoids and dealt with Ayden's sleep apnea wonderfully!  That being said, I would not use an ENT for any kind of recontructive surgery like cleft repairs."

 "Dr. Muntz is a great doctor.  He is our son's ENT.  He put tubes in at 2.5 months and has been checking up on our son ever since.  I really like how positive, quick, but thorough he is.  We've never seen anything that we didn't like in him."

"He is great and has an excellent bed side manner."

 "I like Muntz as an ENT for personal reasons--he has an EXCELLENT bedside--which is good to have with an ear doctor when they are in pain."

"My son is seen by Dr. Muntz. We love him!!! I can not say enough praises about him, and the amazing surgeon he is. He preformed a Mandibular Distraction and repaired his cleft palate. The mandibular distraction is a HUGE surgery and I never once doubted the surgeon we choose. He often calls us in the evenings so my husband and I can both be on the phone when he tells us results from testing. There was never a time we could not get ahold of him, even in the middle of the night. And, he is always willing to see us on the spur of the moment, even if that means our appointment keeps him at the office till 7 at night. My husband is in his final year of medical school and he has decided to become an ENT because of Dr. Muntz. Good luck with your decision. It is a big one, but I know you will be pleased with any of the doctors at Primarys."

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