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Monday, October 26, 2009

Surgeon Profile: Dr. Warnock

Contact Information:

Steven H. WArnock, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Premier Plastic Surgery Group of Utah
11762 S. State Street, Suite 220
Draper, UT 84020

(801) 571-2020

Cleft blog:
General Website:

Parent Comments:

"Dr. Warnock has been our surgeon and he has been excellent... We have appreciated Dr. Warnock's bedside manner and his willingness to spend a lot of time explaining procedures and reassuring us. He has also been open to alternate timelines for repairs, which worked for us since we wanted [our baby's] soft and hard palate repaired simultaneously at 9 months rather than wait until age 3 or 4 for the hard palate repair."

"Dr. Warnock... was great. I really felt like he answered all of my questions and was willing to take the time with us and our son. He explained the surgeries and what they would be doing in each of them."

"He is AWESOME! He did such a wonderful job on my son. People don't even know about the cleft unless we tell them anymore. We fly from [far away] to Utah for his surgeries and Warnock is so worth it."

"...We love him. I think he is excellent and has done amazing work on our sweet boy. He is such a kind man."

"He is so patient and willing to talk and answer questions any time. We have also emailed a few times and I have even sent him pictures... and asked for comments on healing."

"My son had a bilateral cleft lip and palate ... and we have Dr. Warnock. I'm so pleased with him, his mannerism and his openness to discussing options and really taking the input and opinions of myself and my husband into account. Dr. Warnock's bedside manner is great and he's always been very patient and very understanding. His staff I also have to comment on, since they are fantastic as well."

"I think he is awesome, he answered all of our questions and really put me at ease as far as the surgeries go."

"We see Dr. Warnock as our plastic and I LOVE him!! He is so good ... all of our questions. He is also so patient with our daughter!! Can't say enough good about him!!"

"I really like Dr. Warnock. He was able to answer all of my questions(I had a lot) He explains things very well and truly loves what he does."

"He has lots of experience and a good bedside manner. He is always open to questions and is good to responding to my emails. I tend to ask a lot of questions and bring up concerns, but he has always made me feel comfortable and willing ti accomodate my needs."

"Dr. Warnock did a beautiful job and he made us feel comfortable before and after [surgery]."

"Dr. Warnock ... is amazing. He takes the time to answer your questions and is very thorough. He did an amazing job on my babies soft palate repair. Dr. Warnock also trained under Dr. Morales 8 years ago and is really good."

"Dr. Warnock is our surgeon and he is wonderful. Very skilled, very professional, and very personable as well. No question too dumb! ;)"

"We used Dr. Warnock, and we have been very happy with him so far ([our son] has only had 1 surgery at this point). He is very good to answer questions and to listen to concerns. We also appreciate that his office is in Draper, since we live in Utah County."

"We used Dr. Warnock and love him. I felt very comfortable with him and he was very thorough in explaining what was going to happen and how to proceed. I asked a lot of questions and he really took the time to answer all of them and put me and my husband at ease!"

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