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Monday, October 26, 2009

Surgeon Profile: Dr. Morales

Contact Information:

Dr. Louis Morales Jr., M.D.
5089 S. 900 E., Suite 100
Salt Lake City, UT 84117

(801) 743-0700
(note: the website is for all plastic surgery, and doesn't particularly address cleft palate repair, though it does review his education, credentials and awards. Don't be surprised if some interesting before/after pictures of other cosmetic surgeries pop up. This is the case for all of the surgeons' websites that I've visited)

Parent Comments:

"We use Dr. Morales and we love him. We have 2 little boys with clefts ... Dr. Morales has done all of their surgeries ... so we have a great deal of trust and respect for him."

"Dr. Morales is our surgeon, and we LOVE him. He does an excellent job. He is great with [our child] who is a busy, talkative [boy]. He has been [our son's] surgeon since birth... I would
HIGHLY recommend Dr. Morales, He is simply the best. He is calm and reassuring and he always takes the time to answer all my questions and concerns about a procedure."

"My opinion is that Morales does the best lip repairs. We have Schmelzer and we really like him. But, I still think Morales is best for lips. I like Schmelzer's time-line for other surgeries better, but if you are only dealing with the lip and not the palate then I would definitely vote Morales." (Dr. Schmelzer was Dr. Morales' partner, but now has moved to Arizona)

"We have used Dr. Morales ... and just love him. He has been practicing for over 25 years, so he is very well experienced and he continually amazes us with the work he has done."

"Everyone has their own experience and every cleft is different, but what Morales did for both of my sons worked very well for their speech. He also assured us that he uses his technique for a reason and that he has had not only very good speech results this way, but also a very low rate of a need for p-flaps. I'm not trying to say that one doctor's way is better than another, but with both of my boys, the way he has repaired it has really made for optimal speech results, so I have a lot of faith in it. "

"Our surgeon is Dr. Morales and I do personally think he is the best. We are SOOOO happy with the results!!!! You really can hardly tell that he had a cleft now and it was very severe when he was born."

"My son ... had 5 surgeries in the first year of his life Dr. Morales is his surgeon. I am very happy with the care and time he took with [my son] and answering all our questions."

"We had Dr. Morales and we were ... warned of his bedside manner. I thought he did a wonderful job and he was always very nice when we met with him."

"We have Dr. Morales and have had a really really wonderful result. A lot of people don't like his bedside manner but we think he is an artist when it comes to surgery. My son has a BCLP and it was quite severe but now you can hardly tell."

"We have Dr. Morales at PCMC. We LOVE the results of our son's surgeries so far. He doesn't always have the best bedside manner - very professional but not extremely friendly - but we think he is an amazing surgeon."

"Dr. Morales is very well known throughout the country in craniofacial and cleft reconstruction. He had been handing [my child's] case, but then suggested that we have Dr. Schmelzer [perform one particular procedure]. Dr. Morales felt that Dr. Schmelzer had more experience with the apparatus from training under Dr. Ferron in Dallas. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Morales that he would put his ego aside and suggest that another surgeon perform the procedure."

"Our surgeon is Dr. Morales and we think he's fantastic! (The only complaint I've heard about him from anyone is that his bedside manner leaves something to be desired, he's not the warm, fuzzy kind of doctor, but we've never had anything but positive experiences with him.)"

"Dr. Morales did [my child's] lip/nose repair. Totally amazing job, but I feel that my office visits lacked, so I changed to Dr. Warnock... I do not enjoy saying that I changed from Dr. Morales, but I am too sensitive and his bedside was really bad during a hard time for me."

"A family member asked the coordinator of the craniofacial team at Loma Linda (in California) if she recommended anyone from PCMC, and she immediately recommended Dr. Morales. So far he has done our son's prosthesis and lip repair and has been amazing. He is pretty to-the-point in our appointments, but we like that about him, and he is friendly and glad to answer our questions. And we love his staff, too!"

"I also was born with a cleft lip/palate. Dr. Morales did the last few surgeries that I needed. In those few surgeries, he revised several of the surgeries I had already had... Almost every single person that finds out about my birth defect are amazed at my repair. They can't even tell I have a cleft lip/palate... Dr. Morales is also who was recommended by my ENT and pediatrician...
As a mother, what I have not liked about Dr. Morales is not all important information was shared with us. For example, somehow we weren't told about the restraints required for TWO MONTHS until after his surgery. It really hasn't been that big a deal ... BUT, the surgery was quick and efficient... Also, if bedside manner is super important to you, you may not like Dr. Morales. Although, my husband thought he was fine."

1 comment:

  1. I was born with the unfortunate cleft lip and palate. From what i know he had done all my operations. He did a outstanding job. I remember seeing a team of specialists in another state before one of the last surgeries i was due to have and was seeing them due to "custody" battles between parents pshh.. But i remember all these "Specialists" while they were viewing the work he had previously done on me all i remember is alot of OOOO's , AHHH's and "wow he did a nice job here or there". From that moment on i knew Morales would be the one performing the last of my surgeries.

    Brennan, ex-patient.