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Monday, October 26, 2009

Surgeon Profile: Dr. Siddiqi

Contact Information:

Faizi A. Siddiqi, M.D., F.A.C.S.
The University of Utah Division of Plastic Surgery
30 North 1900 EAst, 3B205
Salt Lake City, UT 84132

(801) 581-5132

U of U profile

Parent Comments:

"We have used Dr. Faizi Siddiqi as our plastic surgeon and he has done a wonderful job... We were actually refered to Dr. Siddiqi [someone] who worked in same day surgery up at PCMC... She did a poll with all of the nurses up there and asked if they had a child with a cleft, who would they choose to do the surgery. Almost all of them said Dr. Siddiqi, so that is why we chose him and we are so glad we did."

"...He has been wonderful. I think his work is great, and he has an excellent bedside manner. He has done multiple prosthesis insertions/changes as well as [our baby's] lip repair, soft palate repair and hard palate repair. He also did a couple laser treatments to help decrease the redness of [our baby's] lip scar (the scar is a bit red because of genetics and the way he heals, not because of the surgeon) He has really gone out of his way to help us and to accommodate our needs rather then his...I'm sure you'll love him."

"We have used Dr. Siddiqi as our surgeon for both of our boys. We love him so much and he is so good to our kids."

"Our surgeon is Dr. Siddiqi and we LOVE him. He has performed miracles for both of our little boys and we will forever be grateful to him for the beautiful work that he has done. "

"He does such a great job and has great bedside manner. He is so patient with all of our questions and our kids really like him. "

"We ... like how personable Dr. Siddiqi is, and he has a great sense of humor."

"We went with Doc. Siddiqi and loved him!! He really took the time to make us feel comfortable before she had her surgery as well as after. He has great bedside manner and really takes the time to answer any questions we may have had. [Our baby's] lip looks amazing!!!!"

"I found out Dr. Siddiqi does a new procedure using some kind of protein stuff instead of bone. They have had wonderful success with it and recovery time is so much easier and faster. The protein actually makes their old bone grow new bone.... I heard people and medical professionals say how well Dr. Siddiqi does on the mouth and lip repair so I went to see him at Primary Children's Hospital. I'm glad I found him."

"We chose Dr. Siddiqi because he took time out of his day to come see my twins [one] has UCLP [the other] has BCLP a couple days after they were born. They were in the NICU at the time and he had the nurses tape the lips closed. I think that helped a lot with stretching the skin. I like him a lot he is the kind of doctor me and my husband love. Not sooo grumpy but will tell you what you need to know and all the other stuff. My one twin couldn't go home when the other one was ready so he gave us the choice to keep them both in or take one home.  We decided to keep them both in I thought that was super cool of him."


  1. We used Dr. Siddiqi for our toddler's surgery, adopted from Kazakhstan at 22 months, and were very pleased. He was funny and personable and, most importantly, a phenominal surgeon. We would use him again in a heartbeat.

  2. After our son was born with a cleft lip and palate we found Doctor Siddiqi at Primary Childrens Medical Center in Salt Lake. At 3 months old DR. Siddiqi did his first surgery on our son, over 7 years ago, we than knew he was going to be the only Doctor we would use to do the surgerys over the years to come. We live several hundreds of miles from Salt Lake, but we knew it was well worth the drive every time. 2011 now 7, our son just recived one of the more extensive surgerys, a Le-Fort Maxillary Osteotomy Mandible Distraction, the surgery could not have going better, once more DR. Siddiqi did it and he did it well... If you have a child who needs any type of surgerys that must be done by a Plastic Surgen, or in need of a Craiofacial Surgen, and you live within several hundred miles from Salt Lake City, you would be foolish not to see DR. Siddiqi. You may feel like, how are we going to do this as parents, but if I can tell you from 7 years of doing this, Doctor Siddiqi is the MAN..................................................